Also known as the common rat, street rat, sewer rat, Hanover rat, Norway rat, brown Norway rat, Norwegian rat or wharf rat. This is the most common rat in the UK. If you live in a town you are probably no more than 15 meters from a rat. They live in large colonies and multiply at an alarming rate, litters of 1-20 every 6 weeks. Females breed at 3 months old.

Brown rats are mainly nocturnal. They will run from danger but may attack in groups – they have been known to attack rabbits, birds and fish. These rats vary in size, but normally range from 30 to 60cm, including tail.

They live in countryside and in towns – anywhere there is a food source. They can survive on almost any food.

Control: Can be controlled using rodenticide, trapping and proofing measures.


Also known as the ship rat. Originally from India, they arrived in the UK 2000 years ago in crates of cargo. Fleas on the rats brought the plague to Europe, and ‘The Black Death’ killed over half of the population.

Black rats are slimmer than brown rats. The colour of their coat varies from grey to brown to black. They mainly live in ports or coastal towns but also found in grassy fields and islands. Nests are built in cavity walls, in between rafters, in hollow trees and above the ground. Their diet is mainly vegetarian. Black rats breed between April and November and produce up to five litters of up to eight pups.

Control: can be controlled using rodenticide, trapping and proofing measures.


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